what the dog nose

Celebrating the life you share with your dog

4 of our beloved dogs - Coco, Shakes, Tess & Chip.

what the dog nose designs and sells products that celebrate the life you share with your dog. We sell t-shirts (short, V-neck & long sleeve), baseball caps, aprons, water bottles, doggie tanks  and wristbands.  Just click on the tabs above to see our products.

Lots of colours and sizes available. Are you more a dog person, than a people person - we can totally relate. Are you a Dogoholic? We are! Whether your dog is your “BFF” (that's Best Friend Forever) or “walks all over you” we've got you covered.  Had kind of a rough day - we've got a shirt for that too. And we've created a few shirts that include what your dog thinks about you.  Champion Dog (Handler needs training). My Dog is My Life Coach.

Ordering is easy - send us an email (wtdognose@gmail.com) or fill in the form found on each product page.