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Factory relocation

We zhejiang xu yong handling co., LTD., specializing in decades factory relocation service, help each year hundreds of all walks of life in large, medium and small enterprises to carry out factory relocation, basic can achieve high efficiency, nondestructive and security to help customers complete the relocation project.

Large transport

Zhejiang xu yong handling co., LTD has size specifications, 280 ton truck, 100200 tons of heavy truck number, can undertake various nationwide comprehensive large/medium and large/medium transport business.

Gantry crane installation

Zhejiang xuyong transportation co., LTD. Has a complete set of 700T hydraulic gantry crane. At present, our company is the first company in zhejiang province with large gantry cranes, perfect equipment and excellent service is the foundation of our foothold.



About Us


  Beilun ningbo shibahashi integrity handling company has begun to take shape in 2003 and was registered in 2008, was registered in 2015 in beilun branch - zhejiang xu yong handling co., LTD., in the first half of 2017, our company was established in ninghai branch, in October 2017, branch, nantong, jiangsu province in 2000-2017, set up many branches distributed in beilun, xiangshan, ninghai, yuyao, cixi, fenghua, etc.Corporation existing mechanical engineer 2, 2 electric engineers, more than 40 employees professional skills, 20 t 3 -, 6 meters higher and other kinds of more than 20 vehicles, forklift 60 t - 120 t - 200 t lorry-mounted crane for vehicles, 8-600 t crane, number 2-80 - t truck and heavy truck, car PPU module, the axis of the hydraulic pressure plate. Our company has a 700T hydraulic gantry crane, which is the first set in zhejiang province.



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Company qualification

Zhejiang xu yong business license
Zhejiang xuyong open account license
Ping an insurance contract
Group life insurance policy
Institution credit code certificate
Road transport business license
Integrity individual industrial and commercial business license
Honest account opening permit
Integrity tax registration certificate
Integrity organization code certificate



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Headquarters of the phone:0574-86061486/0574-86065255

WeChat number:13586872658/13884403864

Headquarters address: the intersection of 329 national road and union light road, chai qiao street, beilun district, ningbo city, zhejiang province.



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